Spelling Practice Directions

Typically, a student is responsible for studying a list of spelling words for home study prior to classroom testing. The Spelling Worksheet is an effective tool for organizing spelling words. This chart lists vowel headings above each box. The student’s task is to identify a vowel sound in a word (either orally or from a list) and write it in the appropriate matching box. Words with two syllables may have two different vowels and would be listed twice.

Note the included Sample Page on which I’ve listed some Dolch words. Ex: “funny” would be listed in the “short u” and “long e” box. The word “away” would be listed at the bottom of the page as a “sight word” and in the “long a” box. Sight words are words that cannot be decoded phonetically.

You may want to use colored pencils to identify the words that match the vowel pattern. I’ve also included the list of Dolch Words I found on the net at (SpellQuizzer.com). Dolch Words are considered the basic reading and spelling words.