Review long (u) spelling/reading patterns:

u-e, ue, ui, ew

Can you write eight words using the above long (u) patterns? Try to write two words using each of the patterns.

1.(u-e) _________________ 2._________________
3.(ue) _________________ 4._________________
5.(ui) _________________ 6._________________
7.(ew) _________________ 8._________________

Read these two sentences, each consisting of words that include the four long (u) patterns.

Can you create a sentence that includes all the long (u) spelling patterns (u-e, ue, ui,ew)?  Give it your best try.






Check your sentence. Did you begin your sentence with a capital letter? Did you end your sentence with a (.), (?), or (!)? Is your penmanship neat? Did you allow a little space between each word? Were you able to include all the long (u) patterns (u-e, ue, ui, ew) in your sentence?

Please illustrate your sentence.