Skill: Contractions

A contraction is a short way of writing two words as a single word. It is formed by combining two words but omitting one or more letters.  Always write an apostrophe (’) to show where one or more letters are left out. 

Read these contractions.

are not aren't We aren't going today.
can not can't We can't go today.
do not don't We don't eat candy.
does not doesn't John doesn't eat candy.
did not didn't The dog didn't eat candy.
have not haven't I haven't seen the show.
has not hasn't Sue hasn't seen the show.
is not isn't Jack isn't going to the game.
could not couldn't We couldn't go to the game.
should not shouldn't We shouldn't go to the game.
would not wouldn't We wouldn't go to the game.
ought not oughtn't We oughtn't go to the game.
must not mustn't We mustn't go to the game.
was not wasn't Tom wasn't at home.
were not weren't We weren't at home.


how did how'd How'd it happen?
who did who'd Who'd believe it?
why did why'd Why'd it happen?.



I will I'll I'll come home.
you will you'll You'll come home.
he will he'll He'll come home.
she will she'll She'll come home.
we will we'll We'll come home.
they will they'll They'll come home.
who will who'll Who'll come home.
it will it'll It'll be lots of fun.
that will that'll That'll be lots of fun.


I would I'd I'd like a peach tart.
you would you'd You'd like a peach tart.
he would he'd He'd like a peach tart.
she would she'd She'd like a peach tart.
they would they'd They'd like a peach tart.


here is here's Here's the morning meal.
how is how's How's the morning meal?
it is it's It's the morning meal.
that is that's That's the morning meal.
there is there's There's the morning meal.
what is what's What's the morning meal?
when is when's When's the morning meal?
where is where's Where's the morning meal?
why is why's Why's the President here?
who is who's Who's the President?





I have I've I've seen the play.
you have you've You've seen the play.
we have we've We've seen the play.
they have they've They've seen the play.
could have could've He could've seen the play.
should have should've He should've seen the play.
would have would've She would've seen the play.
might have might've Jack might've seen the play.
must have must've Jill must've seen the play.


I am I'm I'm a responsible student.
you are you're You're a responsible student.
he is he's He's a responsible student.
she is she's She's a responsible student.
we are we're We're responsible students.
they are they're They're responsible students.


let us let's Let's have a party.
madam ma'am Is this your dog, ma'am?
of the clock o'clock I can be there at one o'clock.
will not won't We won't fail today.




Dictation/Spelling Practice for Contractions

Remember contractions are single words formed by combining two words but omitting a letter or letters. An apostrophe () is always inserted where a letter or letters have been omitted.

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Read these sentences.

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Create two or three original sentences; include at least one contraction in each sentence. Your writing should reflect good penmanship, proper spacing, correct usage of upper and lower case letters, and correct ending punctuation.

Remember all sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period (.), question mark (?), or exclamation point (!).







Please illustrate your favorite sentence in the space below or on the back of the page.