Frequently used sight words.

Sight Words are numerous and one cannot “sound them out” according to their phonetic spelling pattern. From the standpoint of spoken language, all words are phonetic. However, the spelling (visual patterns) in sight words, are such that the common phonic generalizations cannot be applied in decoding. These words appear frequently and must be memorized.
a from oh sure
above give once the
again gives one their
any goes only there
are gone or they
away have other to
been here over today
before I own too
both into pretty two
buy knew push upon
children know put very
color laugh ready want
come live really was
could love said wash
do many says were
does mother school what
don't Mr. shall where
done Mrs. should who
door none some work
father of someone would
four off something you
friend often sometime your

Frequently used sight words - Part 2

across dove language soldier
air dozen laughed son
against dye leather soul
aisle early library special
already earn lion spread
answer enough lived square
anxious every machine steak
around eye measure taught
bear eyes million though
beautiful field minute thought
beauty folks mischief through
because garage move together
believe ghost neither ton
calf gloves ocean tongue
carry great office toward
coming grew onion usual
cough guard open vein
couple guess ought view
course guide patient warm
cousin head piece weather
cruel heart please whom
curve heaven quiet whose
dead heavy ranger wolf
deaf hour rough woman
debt idea science won
desire Indian scissors write
double instead sew wrong
doubt isle sign young